The Ninga Agency

This is a group that Awesome20 made up! Yay! Im the group leader. You need the ninja suit for members and nonmembers need the black color.

Also you must be friends with Awesome20 because her igloo is HQ.


1. Awesome20 must be the only penguin with shoes, just so she can stand out and you can tell what penguin is her.

2. You must follow the rule above.


BluePuffle (EP): Means HQ.

Moon (EN): Means run for your life back to HQ.

But the igloo of HQ will be closed so only we can get in there.

Comment and set a time for you to become friends with Awesome20(oh and set up a server that is usualy not full.)


Oh ya also this is also a prank agency!!!Yay pranks!

One response

4 08 2010

PLZ JOIN! (theres a low chance of that no hits 😦 )

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