Cheats and Glitches

Thanx to NightFire for the first 1!

1. Go to Bean Counters then right before you get to the game click home and the would you like to button comes up WHEN YOUR IN TOUR IGLOO click yes. Then play as long as you can when you end and you X out of the you haave received these coins page you should still be on the bean counters page. Once you have done it about 4 times stop in case you get banned.

Update: This may not work and you will lose connection with the new earning coins page.


2. The Giant Squid

You know in Clam Waters sometimes you see a giant squid? And in black puffle resue you see it too? And at the Island Adventure party it zipped around the iceburg? THEY ARE EITHER MAKING A NEW AQUA GRABBER LEVEL OR NEW GAME!

3. Nubbing!

Go to a room like the coffee shop or cove and click in the white space under the chat box. Then you are nubbing!

4.Sensei Easy Beat

Try to defeat Sensei one time then log off, and Cp did not invent cookies for that so it should be easier to defeat him now!

5.Stand in pathways

Click on the path, then click Penguin Mail. When you think your done walking, close penguin mail and you are standing in a pathway!

6. Read Extra

Go to the jokes and riddles page and if you roll over jokes or riddles and it turns yellow, click. You can now read extra jokes and riddles and poems.

Thanks to Flubby for the next one!

7. Play on Bunny Hill with FOUR peeps! Go to Ridge Run and when the message pops up double click yes really fast. Then walk to Bunny Hill and when people come say Shoo Shoo to Ridge Run you go. You know it works if the game starts and your the only person at Bunny Hill. Also Bunny Hill is easier so you should be winning while people are falling down on Ridge Run.

8.Talk with Newspaper

On the news click we need you then enter a question (nothing needs to be written) and go back to the front page. then click tab til the typing bar is higlighted then type anything and press enter.

9. Cart Surfer Glitch

Turn lime green to go faster, and dark blue to go slower.

10.  FART!

Press E then T

11. Invisible Penguin

Throw a snowball but then immediatly move.

12. Spam

Press J really fast.

More Coming Soon!

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